When I began to study Christian Science I had no need...

When I began to study Christian Science I had no need for physical healing, but was restless and unhappy and curious about life and God. I have since been surprised to find out, not what Christian Science could do for me, but with me. When I was willing to obey the command, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus," things began to take place. The lesson of obedience, however, was a hard one for me to learn, and I studied this Science for six years without allowing it to interfere with my drinking frequently and smoking incessantly. At the end of this time I was faced with a problem which I was totally unfitted, either physically or financially, to solve. I was then ready to be sincere about Science. The reading from the desk in church one Sunday showed me how to start, "And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure." I began to overcome these false appetites and other moral and mental qualities which were not in accord with Science. I became a member of The Mother Church and a branch church, and later received the priceless gift of class instruction.

Christian Science has come to our rescue in several acute situations. Twice, when it was necessary to obtain rather large sums of money within a period of a few hours, with the help of a practitioner whose thought was clear, positive, and loving, these needs were met. Our baby had all the alarming signs of mastoiditis, but these blessedly disappeared, leaving him well and in good health. I worked on this all one day and night and toward morning was tempted to call a practitioner. However, I had just had class instruction and felt that the truth which had been imparted clearly, wisely, and definitely, should meet this problem. The last error to be overcome was doubt, and very shortly the symptoms disappeared entirely.

The more I grow and develop along spiritual lines in Christian Science the deeper and more sincere become my gratitude for and appreciation of Mrs. Eddy.

Testimony of Healing
I think that it is as a mother that I am most grateful for...
May 16, 1936

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