The Healing Rebuke

The design of Christian Science is to heal the sick and to destroy sin. Its methods are constructive, helpful, spiritualizing. Love alone motivates the spiritually scientific rebuke, and only Love can supply the wisdom and discretion necessary for the effectual rebuke. The sole intent of a Love-inspired rebuke is to cause error to be seen as unreal, and so destroyed. The recognition of the nature of evil seals its doom; for when evil is seen as a lie, a delusion—error—it gives up, so to speak, and disappears from the enlightened consciousness.

The individual who feels impelled to administer a rebuke should be very sure that Love has inspired his impulse; that he seeks to heal, not to humiliate. He should be convinced of the unreality of the seeming error before he endeavors to uncover it in another. He should think in strict accord with our Leader's statement (Science and Health, p. 250), "Whatever appears to be a mortal man is a mortal dream." If he has not attained this assurance, the administering of rebuke may result in a mere contention of beliefs. If he has attained it, he generally finds that the voicing of some impersonal word of truth accomplishes the desired healing, and that no bitter wake of resentment or chagrin remains. Often he will find that a silent realization of spiritual facts is sufficient to cause the seeming evil to fade from thought.

May 16, 1936

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