More than thirty years ago I saw a friend completely...

More than thirty years ago I saw a friend completely healed of diabetes through Christian Science treatment, after physicians had given him up.

Privious to this I had lost two small sons under medical treatment, and the healing of this friend impressed me greatly and made me feel that had I known of Christian Science when my little boys were ill they might have been saved. This gave me a sense of the inadequacy of my own religious beliefs to bring help in time of need, and although I did not investigate Christian Science at that time, the seed of truth had been sown in my thought.

A year later my little girl was taken violently ill with malignant diphtheria and was given up by the doctors. I remembered the healing of my friend and fearing that I should lose my only remaining child, I immediately got in touch with him and asked him if he thought Christian Science could save her. He assured me that it could and helped me to get in touch with a Christian Science practitioner. My daughter was quickly and permanently healed and returned to school in a very short time. She is now a healthy, happy woman with two beautiful children of her own.

The Limner
December 7, 1935

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