Several years ago I had a remarkable proof of the presence...

Several years ago I had a remarkable proof of the presence of God's power and the power of God's presence. I had gone in the ocean at a place where there were no other swimmers, and the friends with me did not swim. I swam a long way out, and when I decided to return I discovered that I did not make any headway. I put forth more effort, but found I was only getting tired. I became very fearful for a few minutes, and then I realized that there was no help available but that of divine Love, and that I should have to think my way out of the difficulty.

At the meeting of my Association several months before it was brought out that Jesus' realization of himself as spiritual enabled him to walk over the water; and that the universe, including the right concept of wave, was spiritual; therefore there was nothing mysterious about his demonstration. Unit that time I had been realizing the spirituality of man, but still had been seeing a material universe, including a material ocean. I realized this was my opportunity to prove what I had just learned. I put in a few more minutes declaring some truths, then decided my work was done and I could leave the problem. I decided not to outline that I had to reach the shore, or to look to see if I were getting any closer. I began to swim parallel with the shore, and swam for the joy of swimming. In a little while I found myself walking out of the ocean. I had had a delightful swim, and had made no conscious effort to reach the shore.

Testimony of Healing
My first knowledge of Christian Science came from reading...
December 7, 1935

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