A person is commonly said to be educated if he can...

Roseburg News-Review

A person is commonly said to be educated if he can boast a graduation certificate of some school or institution of higher learning. But is that all there is to an education? Does that alone develop a well-balanced mentality? If education is to equip one to solve the problems of life aright, it should include an awakening and development of the spiritual qualities which are inherent in every human being.

We all believe in education and we highly value our schools, but few there be who have stopped to realize how greatly our institutions of learning owe their very origin to spiritual awakening. As a matter of fact, the Bible—which inclucates the moral, ethical, and spiritual—paved the way for the school idea. It has been truly said that "the first education of the Anglo-Saxon race was the English translation of the Bible." And the London Times once declared that "understanding of the Bible is undoubtedly the biggest factor in education."

People are but poorly educated, if devoid of spirituality, and one's spiritual nature needs to be cultivated and developed along with academic training. Such qualities as honesty, truthfulness, obedience, trustworthiness, humility, patience, self-control, justice, love, are spiritual qualities—they are not material or physical, nor are they merely intellectual.

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