One Ever-present Now

[Original article in German]

Do not the thoughts of men sometimes dwell more in the future or the past than in the present? Formerly this was the case with the writer, as many of his thoughts pertained to the future, or else to the past, rather than to the present. In addition to the fact that his wandering thinking was useless for his present need, such a mental attitude had inherent in it certain dangers.

First of all, anxious thought regarding the future is concerned with the apprehension that we shall not get something or other which we want, and to which we think we are entitled, or that something we already possess may be lost. Furthermore, thinking of the past keeps alive the fear either that some inharmonious condition which then obtained may have led to present results—hereditary weakness, chronic illness, and so forth—or that something we did or left undone may influence the present adversely. Is it any wonder that those who thus dwell unduly on the future or the past are troubled and inharmonious?

Hidden Treasure
January 26, 1935

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