Healing Prayer

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE is essentially a religion of healing. Its healings cover every ill that "flesh is heir to," be it sickness, sin, discord, or lack. It is the divine Science which Christ Jesus taught, lived, and practiced, brought to human understanding and made available to mankind through the divinely inspired work of Mary Baker Eddy, its Discoverer and Founder. Its healing works are accomplished not by human mind or human will, not by material means or methods, but by utilization of the power of God invoked by the prayer of understanding such as Christ Jesus used. He is the Way-shower for all; and Christian Scientists should strive to pattern their prayers after his, for the more closely this is done the greater will be the healing results. There is no record in the Bible that Jesus ever failed to heal one who came to him for healing, and to the extent that his followers emulate him in steadfastly, consistently, and persistently declaring the truth under all circumstances, never temporizing with error, but denying it, will they approach the perfection of his healing works.

Christ Jesus was ever positive and definite in his denial of error, as in his affirmation of the truth. His clear realization of the facts of true being enabled him to do the great works which seemed miraculous to the people of his day, and which even now are generally deemed miracles that men cannot hope to repeat in this age. Yet his promise stands, that his followers in all time shall do the works that he did, and even "greater works." Clear and unequivocal is the promise; and equally plain is the method, namely, following in his pathway, trusting, knowing, and understanding God as he did.

Enriching Our Affections
December 1, 1934

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