Enriching Our Affections

IN view of the seemingly chaotic and unsettled conditions prevalent in the world, would not today be an appropriate time for each of us to ask himself a few questions such as the following: What can I do to lighten the burden of humanity? Whom or what am I loving supremely? Where are my affections placed?

One of the first things we learn when starting the study of Christian Science is that the quality of our thinking is shown forth in our outward experience. The harmonious or the discordant condition of any nation or country simply expresses the aggregation of the mental states of the individuals comprising that nation or country. If, then, we are not satisfied with the way our individual or national affairs are working out, let us look within our own consciousness to determine what erroneous thinking needs to be corrected and supplanted with true ideas. If we are loving and worshiping materiality, and consequently fearing its loss, whether in the form of money, position, or power, we are not obeying Paul's injunction, "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth," with the inevitable result that happiness and contentment will seem always beyond our reach. Matter never has had and never can have intelligence or power to bestow blessings and joy. Happiness, contentment, gratitude, joy—all good—come from God, the only source of spiritual blessings.

Preparation for the Lectures
December 1, 1934

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