Church Forever Unfolding

MANY of us who have witnessed the building of a church edifice and have felt that church building was finished for our particular branch church have been aroused during the trials of recent years to learn that our building activity does not cease with the laying of the last material brick or by paying the last cent on the building obligations.

Spiritual building is a continuous and progressive process. It is the laying off of the old concept of church and the putting on of the new. If we have settled back as though our building were done, let us ask ourselves: Have we any vestige of the material concept of church left in our collective church consciousness? Is self-abnegation always practiced among our church members? Do we credit other members' work with having been done just as lovingly and sincerely as our own? Are our business meetings so loving, so joyous, so uplifting that the members are aware of the presence of God in each meeting? Are we so sure of the power of God that we can attend these meetings fearlessly, certain that God's will is being done, even if that will does not coincide with our own human opinion?

November 10, 1934

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