Overcoming Racial Traits

THAT which mainly differentiates races and peoples is not so much their physical characteristics as their mental habits, traits, and tendencies. Indeed, the latter control and determine the physical conditions, although this fact is not yet generally recognized. Left to the development of human belief personal, racial, and nationalistic traits have assumed incongruous and humanly incomprehensible forms. We may see in some people loyalty and dishonesty expressed; in others charity and greed; in still others light-heartedness and combativeness. Various peoples are characterized as quiet but stubborn, sagacious but suspicious, selfish and unreliable, obtrusive and aggressive, and so on through the entire gamut of mortal mind tendencies.

Due to the generally accepted belief in hereditary strain and influence, these personal, racial, and national characteristics affect adversely and even mold the experiences of individuals more than they realize. Because self-justification seems to be inherent in human nature these characteristics are condoned and even contended for, although whatever tends to discord and disruption should be condemned and combated as undesirable and unnecessary. Here Christian Science is the panacea, for it exposes the error and points the way to eliminate it with the truth. This Science is the law of God which Christ Jesus understood and demonstrated in overcoming evil with good, fear and hatred with Love, discord and disease with divine Principle, and death with Life.

Item of Interest
Item of Interest
October 27, 1934

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