Extracts from Reports of Christian Science Committees on Publication

The continued progress of our Cause is undoubtedly creating a marked impression on the press, and this is perhaps more noticeable in what the editors refrain from publishing than in any actual references to Christian Science which appear in print. In former years no sooner was the lecture season announced than hostile references to Christian Science immediately began to appear in the papers. This year, during our lecture season the press was almost entirely free from such references. Whenever a misleading reference to Christian Science appears in a newspaper, the editor is immediately met with a courteous request to publish a correction. A knowledge that this will be forthcoming, combined with an objection to having a controversy on religion in his columns, in addition to the impression caused by the progress of Christian Science everywhere, is amongst the factors responsible for the diminishing number of antagonistic references to our religion in the press.

The School Magazine, issued by the New South Wales Department of Education, and used as the Reader in our state schools, printed in the February issue, Class IV Section, a story of the musician Haydn, with the following acknowledgment: "Adapted from an article by Annie M. Halliday in The Christian Science Monitor." This recognition of the Monitor by the Department of Education is a high tribute to its worth. On two occasions Station 2GB broadcast short addresses on notable women, Mrs. Eddy being one of those chosen for comment on each occasion. The remarks each time were distinctly favorable, and were evidently based on correct biographies. This station frequently includes Mrs. Eddy's hymn beginning "O gentle presence" (Poems, pp. 4, 5), and sometimes an article from the Sentinel in its morning "cheer-up" session.

Heaven Within
October 27, 1934

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