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Thanks to the study of our textbook I have been able...

Thanks to the study of our textbook I have been able to grasp the divine possibilities to which Christ Jesus referred when he said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Through this new understanding I have had many demonstrations of healing, both physical and mental. Today I wish to express gratitude through our periodicals for a healing which I had some time ago.

One evening—it was in winter and there was a glaze of ice—I fell in the street and sprained an ankle. The pain was so intense that I fainted and had to be carried home. The lady who was with me was a relative, a doctor of medicine. She put me to bed and diagnosed the case as more serious than had been thought. She predicted that I would not be able to walk for many weeks, and said that massage was needed and special treatment. Thanks to Christian Science, I could refuse to believe that these predictions might be fulfilled. I knew that spiritual truth and God's love are with me and govern me, and that consequently no error has power to separate me from ever active and ever present good. After two weeks I could get up, put my foot to the ground, and walk without a cane. When my husband went to tell this news to my relative, the doctor, she said that it was impossible, that I could not possibly stand on the injured foot without support. But she came the same evening to see if what my husband had said was true. When she saw me up and walking around without any difficulty, she said it was a miracle, for ordinarily such a case as mine took six weeks to get well.

Testimony of Healing
In "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 259) our revered...
October 27, 1934

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