My interest in Christian Science was awakened about...

My interest in Christian Science was awakened about twenty years ago through what, at that time, we considered a miraculous healing of asthma, from which my wife had suffered for many months. We had tried many material remedies without avail, and finally in desperation decided to consult a throat specialist to ascertain if an operation would relieve the distressing conditions, only to be told that it would be useless, and that we must reconcile ourselves to the fact that the symptoms would become more and more aggravated as time went on. Just then a friend who knew nothing of Christian Science except that it frequently healed when all other methods had failed, asked why we did not try it. We were skeptical, but consulted a practitioner, who gave us literature and a copy of Science and Health, and explained how we must change our method of thinking and rely entirely upon God for healing. Within three weeks every trace of asthma disappeared, and the healing has been permanent.

Even with this wonderful demonstration of the healing power of Christian Science I seemed to be unable to maintain a sustained interest in it. However, about six months later my first healing came. I was at home alone, carrying some boiling water, when my foot slipped and my hand was plunged into the water. Some power seemed to urge me to declare the truth, so with a half-audible, half-mental declaration that there are no accidents in God's kingdom, and recalling a verse from the Bible, "Be still, and know that I am God," I stood still, and to my amazement the sting of the burn left me; and as the afternoon wore on all traces of the scalding were effaced. Six months later I sprained one of my wrists so severely that within a few minutes the arm from the shoulder to the finger tips was swollen and discolored; and the muscles were so stiff I could not move them without much pain. This discordant condition continued throughout the night, but I felt sure that God would heal me. The next morning I decided to attend the Sunday service. During the reading of the Lesson-Sermon there was a sudden relaxation of the muscles of my arm similar to the releasing of a stretched rubber band, and the pain was gone instantly. When I arrived at the office Monday morning the clerks could scarcely believe the evidence before their eyes, because my fingers and arm were as supple as before the accident. A sprain which usually takes weeks to mend had completely healed in two days.

Christian Science has helped me in innumerable ways. For nineteen years I have not taken a drop of medicine, and have relied only upon the healing ministrations of Christian Science; nor have I tasted a drop of intoxicating liquor during that period. Prior to that time I was never happy unless I held a cigar between my teeth. I read one of our Leader's statements about the use of tobacco and asked God to heal me. That night I smoked my last cigar, and have never felt the slightest desire to return to the habit.

Testimony of Healing
With a sense of deep gratitude to God I acknowledge...
September 9, 1933

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