Christian Science Gives True Hope

In a period of general disturbance and strife, advocates of various systems offer their several ideas to mankind with the intent to prove that upon the application of these methods or ideas the world would be benefited. These conscientious promoters oftentimes believe with much conviction that supply for the world's needs is within easy reach if only the populace would align itself with the rules, methods, economics, or philosophy so promoted. This leads to a superficial optimism which frequently shrouds sound reason and evades the careful and unbiased scrutiny which thinking people should give to important matters.

With a plea of common inactivity to influence him the Christian Scientist may at times be tempted to think in the line of least resistance and contrary to what should be his well-established habit of scientific thinking. He may allow himself to believe and to say, without supporting this conclusion with right reasoning, that success, prosperity, and abundance are within easy grasp and achievement. Christian Science teaches the efficacy of spiritual thinking and of perfectibility in the light of Truth. It inspires an abiding conviction in the allness of God, good, and His supremacy. Nowhere does it call upon its adherents to look upon life through a lens of blind hope.

The First Music Lesson
September 9, 1933

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