I should like to relate some of the blessings my family...

I should like to relate some of the blessings my family has received through Christian Science. One of the healings took place while we were living in California. My youngest daughter was born with what the attending doctor said was the worst pair of club feet he had ever seen. He further said that one was worse than a club foot, as the only place she could ever step on the foot would be on the back on the heel.

The doctor in charge was asked to put bandages on the feet with the understanding that a Christian Science practitioner was to work for the baby. The bandages were put on when the baby was a week old and removed five weeks later. The doctor did not see the child after he put on the bandages until the evening five weeks later when he took them off. He brought a nurse with him, but before he began work he found he had left some of his things at the office, so he returned for them. His nurse remarked that the hardest part was removing the bandages, as it would take the skin off. The nurse I employed was a Christian Scientist, and she immediately went to the home of the practitioner and explained the situation. After the practitioner's work had begun the doctor's nurse said she believed she would start to take off the bandages before the doctor got back, so it would not keep him so long. They were all removed when the doctor arrived, and the skin was in perfect condition. The doctor examined the feet and pronounced them entirely normal. The little girl is now six years old and takes acrobatic, tap, and ballet dancing.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was first brought to my attention a...
September 9, 1933

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