Divine Activity in Business

It would seem that mankind today is in bondage to the almost universal belief that business is sick. The condition appears to be world-wide rather than merely local, and perhaps for that reason there is a tendency to acquiesce in the belief. Christian Scientists, who would not for a moment accept a general belief of an epidemic of sickness, may be influenced to some extent into acceptance of the world belief of an epidemic of sick business. Yet, one false belief is no more real than another.

Fear, an element of every claim of error, has seemed especially prevalent of late—the fear of business failure, with its consequent anticipation of lack being perhaps a predominant feature. We must eliminate these fears by knowing the spiritual fact that there can be no failure in good; that God's business, the only real business, is good, and therefore immune to failure. "Love never faileth" (Am. Rev. Ver.); Love's business and Love's ideas or representatives engaged in that business cannot fail. Since God is eternal Life, His business, which is expressed through man, the reflection of good, cannot be obliterated. Spiritual man, reflecting eternal Life, lives forever in Life, and is not dependent for his existence on matter or material business. God, who is Love, never deprived one of His ideas of an iota of good, and there is no other power. As we realize these truths of being, what remains to be feared?

"Our heavenly Parent"
September 9, 1933

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