Judging Righteous Judgment

According to optical testimony the earth is stationary, while the sun revolves around it; and the two parallel lines of a railway track converge in the distance. These and many other illusions are corrected by reason, understanding, and proof. In spite of this, however, spiritually unenlightened humanity persists in accepting material sense testimony as true, and judges according to outward appearance as regards the health, status, and prospects of men.

Christ Jesus was aware of this trait and tendency of the human so-called mind; furthermore, he saw the error thereof and the discord, injustice, and bondage associated therewith. It is obvious that the Master based his thinking upon the spiritual fact that God, good, is the one all-knowing Mind, the all-creating, all-controlling divine Principle, Love; that Spirit is the only Life and substance; and that man, God's image and likeness, is spiritual, harmonious, and perfect, living eternally in the realm of pure spiritual consciousness. This understanding of the truth about God and man enabled Jesus to see and prove that the material sense of creation, including mankind, is but a false concept; that so-called material conditions are simply thought conditions objectified; in other words that things are not what they seem. Hence, the Master's words, "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment."

That instruction, based on the truth, is rendered of supreme value to men because Christ Jesus supported it by demonstration. When those who believed what they saw "brought to him a man sick of the palsy, lying on a bed," Jesus did not judge according to the appearance, but rebuked the belief that sin has power to produce pleasure or pain; and then the man, in response to Jesus' command, "arose, and departed to his house." Likewise, when others, believing material sense testimony, insisted that Jairus' daughter was dead, and laughed scornfully at the Master, he verified his statement, "She is not dead, but sleepeth"—manifesting that phase of the Adam-dream which mortals call death—for he bade her arise; and immediately she arose and walked. Indeed, in all his work Christ Jesus rejected material testimony as false, and judged righteously, that is, according to the standard of perfect creator and perfect creation.

Health and Healing
December 16, 1933

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