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I should like to testify to a wonderful healing in Christian Science

I should like to testify to a wonderful healing in Christian Science. When our little boy was two years and a half old he was taken with attacks of vomiting; and every evening when we put him to bed we had to watch him. Wanting to do our duty we sought help from doctors, but they were all completely perplexed. The child was under medical treatment for two years and a half; we consulted about twenty doctors. When one doctor, in whom I had the greatest confidence, sent me to another, the sickness assumed a dangerous character. The vomiting changed to convulsions. The child was losing his speech and the ability to swallow. When he saw my great fear and anxiety, he encouraged me to have faith in God to help him. In spite of all of the endeavors of the doctors he continued to grow worse. At last he could not swallow anything, could not speak a word, and the attacks of convulsions increased.

In my great despair I implored God to help me. A friend sent me some Christian Science literature. I had never heard of this Science, but through reading the literature I was at once convinced that real help can be expected only from God, and I had complete confidence. At the same time I asked a Christian Science practitioner in another town for treatment. To our great surprise the child recovered rapidly. In three days I was able to take him across the street, and everyone said that a miracle had happened. He ate what was set before him, and began to talk again. The salivary discharge ceased completely in four days, and in two weeks he could speak normally again. Soon he was more self-reliant, fearless, and healthy than he had ever been before.

Testimony of Healing
That Christian Science heals, even though the one...
December 16, 1933

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