Withhold Not Good!

As we grow in the understanding of Christian Science it becomes increasingly clear that there are no problems, touching either an individual or a branch church, which can withstand the power of divine Love. As we survey the situation in human thought manifested perhaps in some of our churches, we may pray, Oh, for more love to heal, to wipe out self-seeking and prejudice, and bring us together in the fellowship of Christ! Love is indeed the life of all, including our churches, and there is urgent need for its more unified expression. Yet this can come only as each member establishes the Christly affection in his own consciousness and makes it his one and only state of thought. In her writings our Leader gives a truly beautiful description of that universal love which must be demonstrated among the brethren, in order that God's kingdom may be established upon the earth, and His holy church draw all men unto it in fulfillment of its universal mission. When this spiritualized consciousness is carried into every phase of church activity, immeasurable blessings will result, and our churches will overflow with the erstwhile sick and sorrowful who, glimpsing and feeling the love therein, come to learn of its healing and saving power.

Even as in the Scriptures the obedience of one person was often a means of instruction and guidance for a multitude, so it may be in our churches. Each member whose Christly affection approximates the majesty and magnitude of divine Love will be able to lift many out of bondage to error through the power of Truth. Christ Jesus said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." Our task, then, is simple: to be wholly pure and consecrated ourselves without regard to what others may be saying or doing. We cannot solve their problems, but we may rest in the knowledge that God is working with them to bring about the needed regeneration, just as He is with us. As each thus purifies his own consciousness, the one divine Mind will be increasingly manifested in the churches, and the "signs following" will be many and wonderful.

"No respecter of persons"
November 25, 1933

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