Five years ago I was a physical wreck

Five years ago I was a physical wreck. A dear friend, seeing my plight, sent me to a Christian Science practitioner, who lovingly explained to me that God, good, fills all space, is all-powerful and ever present, and that the understanding of this wonderful truth is a constant protection and can be applied to every problem in life. I shall never forget or cease to be grateful for the love she expressed and the help she gave me, for at that time I had no money with which to pay her. My healing was instantaneous.

I have had many beautiful healings since then, one of which I should like to relate. When a child I had erysipelas of the foot, which necessitated my walking on crutches for four months. Some time ago the same discordant condition was again manifested on my ankle. For two days the pain was so severe that I could not put the weight of my body upon my feet. My employment necessitates constant standing, and it seemed impossible to be away from my work at that particular time. I tried to put into practice the wonderful truths I had learned in Christian Science, but without success. Finally I began to read a Christian Science lecture and there I found instantaneous healing. These wonderful words seemed to leap from the page: "If God made everything and made everything good, then what are sin, sickness, and death?" The pain left me instantly.

Testimony of Healing
It is with sincere gratitude that I give this testimony of...
January 21, 1933

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