Using What We Know

Anyone who knows anything of Christian Science knows something he can put to use at once, for Christian Science is not a mere bundle of beautiful theories; it is a practical, usable, demonstrable religion. Naturally, everyone who has learned something of this true Science desires to learn much more; yet it is safe to say that most of us already know more of it than we actually put into constant practice.

Who has not, in his own experience, learned the lesson Jesus pointed out in the parable of the ten talents, namely, that the unused talent decays and is lost? If, for example, one has studied music or a language, he realizes that if he would not lose what he has learned he must use his acquired knowledge. In the case of Christian Science there is never a lack of opportunity to use what we have learned, for Christian Science teaches right thinking; and since there is no time when we are not thinking something, there can be no time when we may not use our knowledge of how to think rightly.

Spiritual Attraction
January 21, 1933

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