For some time it has been my intention to send a testimony...

For some time it has been my intention to send a testimony to one of our periodicals as a small contribution of acknowledgment for the many blessings that have been mine since the coming of Christian Science into my life; and the following healing of rupture through the revelation to me of the understanding of what true forgiveness and forgetfulness mean, is sent with the hope that it may be helpful to others wrestling with like problems.

In childhood and later it had seemed that injustice, cruelty, hardships, and lack of love had been my lot; and although this evoked in me much resentment, I contended that I bore malice to no one and would bless all those who harmed me were it in my power, my only desire being to separate from these people and go to another part of the world, severing all connections with them. I could forgive, but I could never forget! In the course of time an opportunity came to go to another part of the world. Then, within a short period, a rupture appeared, and for about twelve years I was subject to this condition. The physician advised that an operation was the only remedy, the alternative being an instrument of support for relief. I chose the latter.

Later Christian Science was introduced to me, and I sought the aid of a practitioner for the trouble. The error did not yield at once. During another visit to the practitioner it was shown to me that I had something to forgive and to forget, and that my need was to ask divine Love's pardon for ever seeing unjust, cruel thoughts as personal. I rebelled! This counsel seemed absured and impossible as the memory of past events surged over me. That night I dreamed. In the morning, as I pondered the dream, I realized how absurd, unreal, and untrue dreams were, and then it seemed as though a voice spoke from within me and said plainly, This, too, is only a dream. Instantly the whole mental condition fell from me. I saw that all these experiences had been but a series of unreal dreams; that my true relationship to divine Love had ever been unbroken; and I was enabled not only to forgive but also to forget. Previously I had sought in many religions an explanation of and relief from this mental condition, but I found none until Christian Science destroyed it in this delightful manner. Shortly afterwards the rupture disappeared.

January 21, 1933

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