Christian Science has been my Comforter through many...

Christian Science has been my Comforter through many trying experiences. I did not take up the study of this Science for physical healing, but in a time of great need. After going into business in the year 1920 I had to face the problem of a summer hotel filled with guests without servants to take care of them. I made applications to several employment agencies without any results. A very kind lady, a guest, who was an ardent Christian Scientist, suggested my trying Christian Science. At first I could not see how Christian Science or any other religion could help when there were no servants to be found. However, this lady explained to me what Christian Science is, and that I should seek "first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things" would be added. I saw what my real business was, and in a day or two my need was met.

As time went on, seemingly insurmountable problems came up to be worked out: problems of law, family discord, financial troubles, and other things. As my own understanding was so slight I had to depend on the help of a practitioner, and there were times of discouragement, times when I even wished to give up. I was helped and sustained through them all, and many of the problems disappeared before God's all-pervading love. Through these testing times I have drawn nearer to God, infinite Love, have understood Him better than ever before, and have learned in a measure of my own relationship to Him. At the same time many faults of disposition have disappeared. While there are many others to be destroyed, I am pressing on, knowing that God is the source of my strength.

Testimony of Healing
I thank God for the many blessings my family and I...
May 21, 1932

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