Since becoming interested in Christian Science I have...

Since becoming interested in Christian Science I have been healed of many forms of sickness. My first healing was that of a cough which had manifested itself from the time I had whooping cough, some years before. Shortly after I came into Science it seemed to become worse. I was kept awake night after night, would sit in school coughing for half an hour at a time, and never seemed to be free from a cold. I became exhausted and finally decided to see a Christian Science practitioner. As she was not in when I got to her home, I left a message for her to help me when she returned. On the way home the thought came to me, When the practitioner starts to work I shall be all right. I coughed steadily from the time I went to bed, quite early in the evening, until eleven o'clock, when I went to sleep and slept the rest of the night. The next day the practitioner told me that she had arrived home about eleven o'clock and received my message. From that time the cough grew less, and for many years now I have not had a cough, and very seldom have a cold. When I do, it is quickly overcome.

I have received healings while attending church services, through reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and through the help of practitioners. I also received a very beautiful healing while attending a lecture. For about a week before the lecture I had been laid up with blood poisoning in my leg, and was unable to walk, sit down, or even stand still without severe pain. With great effort I got to the lecture, which was on a Monday evening. While waiting for the street car I walked up and down the sidewalk, as the pain seemed worse when I was standing still. After the lecture I stood talking for some time, and later waited at the corner for my street car, without pain. The next day the poison was discharged, and on Wednesday I sat through the church service without the cushion which had seemed necessary at the lecture. Within a week I was about my usual work, which required much walking. For this healing and many others I am truly grateful.

Testimony of Healing
At a time when nearly all the conversation one hears is...
December 3, 1932

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