Christian Science help was given my mother at the time...

Christian Science help was given my mother at the time of my birth. As a child and young lad the truths of Christian Science were poured into receptive ears, many physical healings taking place. When I was eighteen, Bright's disease was healed through the loving help of a practitioner. On this occasion the report was broadcast among my boyhood friends that their playmate would pass on. The physical senses and a doctor who my father insisted should be called, testified that this disease was fatal. However, I never doubted God or His ability to cure the trouble. He did ; and a few months later I entered college.

It now appears that this university training did little else than lead me around in a circle. Before attending college I knew something about God and understood Him, to some extent, from the Christian Science viewpoint. But "the tree of knowledge of good and evil" was enticing and I "did eat," not so much during the university training as during the years following. Thinking and reading along philosophical lines became my only pleasure and pastime. In my search for truth I was always ready and eager to argue or discuss anything with anyone. Few people liked this; most resented it. Finally, a book seemed to be in the making, a book to enlighten suffering humanity and help them out of their plight! The substance of it was to prove that all of us, consciously or unconsciously, are trying to express the godliness which is in us.

Testimony of Healing
About sixteen years ago I was healed of tonsillitis through...
December 3, 1932

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