[Written Especially for Young People]

A young student in a college had much difficulty in getting a good mark, in spite of many hours of persistent study. Most of the time he was lagging at the end of the class. Careful examination of his thoughts disclosed to him that his difficulties were caused by the belief in the necessity of strife and by fear of competition. The notion that some of the teachers were opposed to his advancement had to be overcome. When he understood that he himself and all his teachers, as well as his classmates, were in their real identity the expressions of one Mind, divine Love, the young man began to have much happier experiences. He saw that he did not have to strive against any malice or lack of sympathy in his teachers, but needed to cooperate with them in acquiring the knowledge which was lovingly imparted to all.

The worship of material force and the fear of it, such as this student measurably felt, have always been at the bottom of armaments; and so it is still. Belief in the necessity of armed protection is the result of the theory of the necessity of competition between individuals and nations. This is accompanied by thoughts of strife, fear of the loss of some material possession, and of lack, if there should not be enough for all.

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