God's Lighthouses

MANY who have been at sea when in the night the ship was plowing through the storm-swept tossing waters, have experienced the comfort and assurance afforded by the beam of a lighthouse visible through the murk. The distant beacon gives promise of a harbor to be reached later, a quiet resting place where necessary unloading, loading, refueling, and repairing may be done. Or, to ships which have no need of stopping, the light gives guidance, helping them to keep in their course. How precious and welcome is the friendly light!

In the proportion that a Christian Scientist is a demonstrator of the teachings of Jesus, he may count himself as among those of whom he said, "Ye are the light of the world." God, divine Love, is the light that shines to all His children, and each individual child of God is the witness of that light. Because the Christian Scientist understands this, what a solemn trust is his to reflect Love constantly, impartially, and universally. By such unselfish, universal reflection many are drawn to the restful haven of the truth, and there fear, hatred, sickness, sin, want, and other unlovely burdens may be rejected from consciousness, and peace, health, and plenty received in their place. There energy may be renewed and guidance gained for a continuation of the journey that ultimately must bring all to the realization of spiritual harmony, where storm and night are no more. The Christian Scientist prays that everyone may be blessed by the true light of divine Love.

Our Hymnal in the Home
September 12, 1931

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