One morning early in October, 1918, I went about my...

One morning early in October, 1918, I went about my duties in an office with an undercurrent of fear in my thought, because the papers said that influenza had broken out in an eastern embarkation camp. My only brother was in that camp. About ten o'clock our chief came to my desk and said there was a case of influenza in our town; someone on the other side of the town had it. At eleven o'clock I went home and went to bed with the dreaded disease, and was very ill. To my request that an osteopath be called, the Christian Scientist in whose home I was living said, "Why, yes, I'll call him for you, if you are sure that is the help you want."

I remembered that Christian Science had recently saved my sister's life, and that only a few months before I had told her the next time any serious illness came my way I should try Christian Science, as I had no more faith in material systems. Being in very great fear of passing on, I finally asked for a Christian Science practitioner. The practitioner came, and, much to my surprise, instead of asking me about symptoms started talking calmly and lovingly about God. In a very few moments there was a sense of peace I had never known before.

Testimony of Healing
When I was told of Christian Science about nine years...
July 4, 1931

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