"Everything ends in song"

Someone has written, "Everything ends in song." This phrase expresses a beautiful forward-looking assurance. But in the many trials encountered in individual experience, it may not always seem easy to see that everything ends in song. Rather is there a tendency to think that all things end in sadness, and that one cannot "sing the Lord's song in a strange land." Nevertheless, after the night and the storm and the defeat of mortal sense, the ultimate song is heard for the simple reason that material concepts, having passed their limits, disappear, while the primal harmony continues without interruption or pause.

Existence, to be immortal, must be harmonious, for discord has within itself the elements of destruction. Harmony alone endures. "Everything ends in song," for nothing is true but harmony, the essence of divine reality—the response of creation to its creator being the joy, the praise, the bliss inherent in real being. The beauty of pure being is demonstrable; and from the human standpoint, the spiritual way must be discerned and put into practice. Indeed, the Science of Christianity points to perfection; it calls for a willingness to strive to overcome all that is unlike God, that is, to attain unto the undimmed consciousness of good. Of this spiritual realization and demonstration Mrs. Eddy says (Retrospection and Introspection, pp. 56, 57), "Divine Science demands mighty wrestlings with mortal beliefs, as we sail into the eternal haven over the unfathomable sea of possibilities."

"Praise ye the Lord"
July 4, 1931

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