[Especially for Young People]

Being and Loving

Among the first lessons which the pupil at school learns is the proper use of the verb "to be." He is taught to conjugate this verb, and he proceeds, "I am, thou art, he is; we are, you are, they are," and so on, illustrating the several voices, moods, tenses, numbers, and persons. Do we ever stop to consider how comprehensive a lesson in being this conveys? It leaves no one out. The true identity of everyone, without exception, is, ever was, and ever will be; even our first elementary lessons in grammar indicate this simple fact of being.

The pupil who, along with his daily school lessons, is studying "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," written by Mary Baker Eddy, is learning something more about true being. He early becomes acquainted with "the scientific statement of being," which is given on page 468 of this great textbook, and he uses it continually in solving his problems. When, as everyone sooner or later does, he asks, "What am I?" he is able to answer with growing conviction through the understanding thus gained, "I am, in reality, the image and likeness of God." The grandeur and beauty of this concept become clearer and more potent as he grows in the understanding of what is included in this statement.

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