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The Revised Recommendations of The Christian Science Board of Lectureship, which will be sent soon to all branch churches, call attention to the fact that lectures on Christian Science are given for all. They are not for the purpose of reaching special groups of people. Thus the short lecture delivered at noonday is not to be regarded as a lecture on business. It is not given particularly to reach business people, nor to deal mainly with their problems. The noonday lecture, like the longer one at an afternoon or evening hour, is designed for all who wish to hear it. The business man or woman, the homemaker, the stranger, the Christian Science practitioner, and church member, all are equally welcome.

In some quarters an impression has gone abroad that Christian Scientists should stay away from lectures so that visitors may have their seats, yet the most desirable audience is that made up of Christian Scientists and non-Christian Scientists. Christian Science churches act as hosts to the public at their Christian Science lectures, and the host would not be absent, nor remain seated, when the visitor arrives. Thus, the church members are properly present and share the spiritual blessings each lecture affords, even though the important object of the lecture is to interest the stranger and to correct his possibly erroneous impressions or lack of information.

July 4, 1931

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