Your issue of January 27 contains an article entitled...


Your issue of January 27 contains an article entitled "To-morrow's Doctor" which makes reference to mental healing and states that "the quack often achieves remarkable cures, the result in most cases of his loudly expressed faith in a cure." Then the article goes on to say that "this is the curative force of all systems of mental healing, of which Christian Science is perhaps the most conspicuous."

I trust you will grant me sufficient space in your paper to say that such is not the method of Christian Science, which depends solely upon God, or the divine Mind, for healing. Thousands are being healed in Christian Science although they may have little or no faith in it. In fact it would not be an exaggeration to say that the majority of people healed in Christian Science turn to it after all other means have failed, and this clearly indicates that in such cases faith is not a factor in the healing. But faith in God's power and willingness to heal, together with spiritual understanding, does heal. Faith in matter or material means necessarily lessens one's faith in God or in divine power, and I am quite sure that the conclusions reached by the writer of the article referred to are due to his unfamiliarity with the teachings of Christian Science.

The Perfect Remedy
April 25, 1931

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