The Sunday School—God's Garden

How like a garden is our Sunday school! Mental acres are ready for planting and tending, and many little plants are preparing to unfold, warmed by the sunshine and refreshed by the dew of Love. God seems more real and more good to even the smallest child as spiritual understanding unfolds day by day, bringing the promise of the perfect flower. As we patiently and lovingly teach them the truth, the little ones learn the lessons of obedience, kindness, truthfulness, and honesty. The sweet, hardy blossoms of understanding begin to show very early, and their beauty constantly surprises us.

In a garden there is much weeding and cultivating to be done. The ground needs plenty of moisture; right soil must be given to the plants; they need to be constantly watched and protected. Many times the plants have storms to battle against; many times careless hands pluck their lovely blossoms, and they need to be cared for.

"According to the pattern"
April 25, 1931

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