Your issue of July 25 carries an article, reprinted from...

Jewish Criterion

Your issue of July 25 carries an article, reprinted from another periodical, entitled "The Power of Persistency." The author comments at some length upon the life-history of Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, as an example of persistency. Owing to the unreliable source of the author's information, she erroneously assumes that Mrs. Eddy's success, popularity, and purpose depended upon "wiles" to focus attention on herself, fighting for recognition, laboring to make of herself an "important person," and similar efforts.

Now the traits of character thus enumerated are not at all in accord with the spirit of Christianity, and they certainly do not comport with Mrs. Eddy's methods and purpose. People living to-day, who knew her personally, can vouch for Mrs. Eddy's unselfed devotion to mankind and to her Cause. Mrs. Eddy's persistency was due to the strength of her convictions and not to efforts at self-aggrandizement. In explaining her discovery to others she necessarily came into the limelight, but drawing attention to her own personality was quite at variance with Mrs. Eddy's wishes and contrary to her teaching. In "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 120) she says, "Those who look for me in person, or elsewhere than in my writings, lose me instead of find me."

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