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No human activity is crowned with success unless it is guided by certainty. In whatever sphere thought aspiring to become deed may move, without certainty it must remain powerless. Indeed, this quality endows thought with the power of achievement because it emanates from Truth, in which the source of strength—indeed, strength itself—is to be found. Does not Christian Science, based on the revelations of the Bible, teach us that there is but one power, and that this one power, God, Spirit, Truth, Life, and Love, is the only source of certainty? This is true; and it is this assurance which is to be considered here.

It is clear that not all which is called certainty refers to God. Do we not see the evidence of innumerable thoughts which neither emanate from Him nor are intended for His service; yes, even evil thoughts whose direct purpose seems to deny God's kingdom and put themselves in His place—apparently destructive, loveless thoughts which ignore both mental and physical welfare? Their seeming evidence also appears to be accompanied by certainty; but is it possible that there is a certainty endowed with power which emanates from some source other than the divine?

Love That Is Felt
April 11, 1931

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