I have received many blessings in Christian Science

I have received many blessings in Christian Science. Up to the age of six months my little grandson enjoyed perfect health, but about that time he began to be unable to retain food. He was treated by the family physician, my daughter not being a Christian Scientist, but the condition persisted; so the child was taken to a specialist in infants' diseases, and then to another specialist. Finally, the last one said he could do no more and advised that the baby be taken to the post-graduate hospital, where he would be kept for observation. He said that possibly there was an obstruction in the intestines and if so the X-ray photograph would show it, and in such case an operation would be necessary. The baby was taken there and every test known to medical science was applied.

The head doctor of the hospital was called every day and reported the child's condition to my son-in-law. After nine days my son-in-law was told to take the baby home. The parents were very much discouraged as they knew the baby was worse. They insisted upon questioning the doctor as to what ailed the child, and he admitted that the doctors did not know what the trouble was. This was on a Tuesday; on Wednesday the parents were sent for. When the mother arrived she found the baby apparently dying. She frantically called me on the telephone and told me to call a Christian Science practitioner. I became afraid myself; I thought, If the child is dying it is too late. Then I remembered how Jesus said, "He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."

Testimony of Healing
With a heart full of praise and gratitude to God I should...
April 11, 1931

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