How true it is that if one really wishes to hear correctly, one must listen. In this material world, how difficult true listening seems to be when such noise, strife, argument, and clamor are apparently going on around one, and almost shutting out the "still small voice," which is always speaking, but which can be heard only by the listener! Yet how worth while it is to listen, and how wonderfully that guiding voice leads thought moment by moment along the upward way from sense to Soul!

Humanly speaking, it would appear that the talkers far outnumber the listeners in this mortal realm in which we seem to be living. We have, perhaps, heard it said of some dear, loving, understanding one, "What a good listener he is," as though this were a gift rarely met with; and sometimes, contrariwise, we have heard the words, "Ah! if they would only listen!" Surely, if it seems to mortals that good listening is of value in their human affairs, how much more important it is for them to gain that constant attitude of spiritual listening to divine Love's guidance, and, when they have really listened and understood, then immediately to follow and obey!

Of Its "own accord"
April 11, 1931

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