Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines in part the noun "study" as, "Act or process of acquiring knowledge of a particular subject by one's own efforts. ... Earnest and reasoned effort;" and as a transitive verb, "To consider attentively. ... To make an object or study with a view to action."

Now it is clear from this definition that effort is a necessity in any study; also, that attentive consideration of the subject is required before it may truly be stated that one is studying or is a student. It is also observed that it is necessary to use, or practice, what one is learning before it can be truly said that one is studying. A student of chemistry may read its textbooks, but unless he gives their content attentive consideration and seeks through demonstration, little by little, to use what he has learned, it can be of little benefit to him. So it is in Christian Science. The student gains knowledge of Christian Science through his own effort, attentively considering it and reasoning it out with a view to putting it into practice.

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