I want to express gratitude for the many blessings that...

I want to express gratitude for the many blessings that have come to me since I turned to Christian Science. Formerly, I was melancholy from physical suffering, and discouraged with doctors and medicine, which brought no relief. A friend, who had been healed through Christian Science, after a long experience in a hospital, suggested that I try it. The first treatment was an absent one, when I was suffering from acute indigestion, and I shall never forget the relief and peace it brought. Since that time I have had many healings, of tonsillitis, colds, neuritis, an attack of appendicitis which was met in two hours, and numerous other physical ailments.

When I was very young in the understanding of Christian Science I met with an accident, being thrown from a motor cycle which was going at a high rate of speed. I was taken to the home of relatives in the nearest town and a physician was called. The doctor said that I had a bad dislocation of the hip and would be fortunate if I stood on my feet in three months. This was not very encouraging, and while I did not know what Christian Science could do in a case like this, I decided to try it anyway. A practitioner was called and work was begun. This was on a Sunday, and on Thursday of the same week I was able to get out of bed; on the Sunday following I went riding in an automobile, and on Monday returned by train to my home, over a hundred miles away. At the end of a month I was completely healed of all the bruises and of lameness in the back which had lasted about two weeks, and which many friends said I should always be likely to have, especially in cold weather. This was in 1914, and there have been no ill effects since that time resulting from the fall.

Testimony of Healing
I first heard of Christian Science when my grandmother...
April 11, 1931

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