Salvation "Now"

Unless "salvation" is clearly defined in thought as being the result of the understanding of the divine Mind or God, it is not spiritually understanding and, for that reason, cannot be demonstrated. The title of Saviour was rightly given to Christ Jesus, but unless this title is taken as meaning divine Truth regenerating thought, its spiritual power and presence to save from sin, disease, and death will not be apprehended.

A dictionary definition of the word "salvation" reads in part as follows: "Deliverance; preservation from destruction or calamity. ... Liberation from bondage." This definition covers a wide range of human fears, including bondage to what is called luck and fate, to accidents and unforeseen dangers, as well as to sickness, sin, poverty, and death. Salvation from the constant fear of one thing or another is a step toward freedom, inasmuch as fear is at the bottom of practically all forms of inharmony. Fear of loss, lack, calamity, and destruction keeps mortal thought in such a turmoil that health and environment involuntarily become disordered. Fear of the past, of the present, and of the future can also add its quota of uncertainty and mental disturbance, with resultant loss of harmony.

On Being Lifted Up
January 17, 1931

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