The Place and the Way

"Behold , I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared." In Exodus we read that the voice of God came to Moses in one of those critical moments when the Hebrew leader doubted his ability to lead his people forward because of their murmurings and discontent. Similarly, Christian Scientists, bent on following the dictates of their conscience, may sometimes stop and wonder what is this place already prepared to receive the obedient. The ultimate goal is that spiritual abode where only purity and complete Christliness exist, and mortal selfhood is unknown. But as in Moses' time the exodus apparently entailed a terrestrial journey, so likewise to-day one must take into account the necessary human footsteps in entering upon the way that leads from sense to Soul.

John relates that Christ Jesus comforted his disciples who appeared to be doubtful by telling them of a place that he would prepare for them. This place, evidently, was not one already theirs, but one which would be made ready for his disciples. No doubt Christ Jesus wanted it understood that all those who desired to conform to the necessary rules as laid down by him would be welcomed in the Father's house of many mansions. All must learn at one time or another that the heavenly place can never be reached except as one lays down all worldliness and in humility enters the straight and narrow way leading to spiritual perfection.

Oil and Wine
August 24, 1929

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