"Honest and in earnest"

Mrs. Eddy gives to Christian Scientists very great encouragement when she says in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 150), "A heart touched and hallowed by one chord of Christian Science, can accomplish the full scale." One who has glimpsed, even in the least, the glory of true existence, as revealed in Christian Science, longs to grow in the understanding of Truth, which alone can obliterate whatever in thought and experience is unlike God; and to be assured that this longing can be satisfied, and that consciousness can accomplish the full scale of spiritual realization, is encouragement indeed. But Mrs. Eddy does not stop with the assurance that the heart which loves the truth "can accomplish the full scale." She immediately points out that "this heart must be honest and in earnest and never weary of struggling to be perfect—to reflect the divine Life, Truth, and Love."

These words directly indicate the quality of thought and endeavor which must be maintained, if men are intelligently to achieve the spiritual harmony which expresses true existence. The human heart must be honest toward God; it must be honest with itself, if it is to partake of the spiritual purity which alone can reflect divine perfection.

The Place and the Way
August 24, 1929

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