Christian Science was brought to my attention about...

Christian Science was brought to my attention about seventeen years ago by my husband, who sought and found healing through its ministrations after material remedies had failed to help him. I began the study at once, and loved it from the moment the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, was first placed in my hands. In the old religion in which I had been brought up, I had found no satisfaction, and I realized immediately that here was something which I must have desired, though unconsciously, all my life.

Since girlhood I had been troubled with weak eyes, being unable to use them for more than fifteen or twenty minutes at a time without pain. To my surprise and joy, I discovered that I could read Science and Health or any other Christian Science literature by the hour without any discomfort whatsoever, and this healing has been permanent. At that time our daughter was a year and a half old, and I felt that I could not accept Christian Science absolutely because I should fear to give up materia medica for the baby. A few weeks later the child was taken ill with an acute attack of stomach and bowel trouble. The physician attending her said it had been caused by the diet he himself had prescribed in the effort to make her gain weight more rapidly. Then my eyes, which our Leader defines as "spiritual discernment" (Science and Health, p. 586), were opened, and I saw that I had been afraid to trust God, but had instead put my faith in materia medica, a mere "bundle of speculative, human theories" (ibid., p. 149). We continued medical treatment for the baby through this illness, which lasted about two weeks, but some months later when a similar discord manifested itself, we asked help of a Christian Science practitioner and the healing was instantaneous. There never was a return of the trouble. From that day to this she has never taken medicine, the truths of Christian Science having been applied to every problem and always proving sufficient to meet every emergency. She has been wonderfully protected from the ailments supposed to be experienced during childhood. An attack of measles, when she was five, was overcome in two days, leaving no ill effects; and several years later, when symptoms of whooping cough appeared, that, too, yielded to the truth. She whooped only once, although a slight cough persisted for nearly three weeks. With the exception of this period she scarcely ever missed a day from school. Fevers, colds, and other discords were almost instantaneously met in each case.

Testimony of Healing
A number of years ago, previous to my becoming acquainted...
August 24, 1929

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