Having proved, as have countless others, that, truly...

Having proved, as have countless others, that, truly, "man's extremity is God's opportunity," I have a great desire to give expression in some measure to gratitude for those experiences which unfolded to me the healing and redemptive influence of Christian Science. It was in the late spring of 1918, during extreme weather conditions, that I caught a cold so severe and acute that it rapidly passed material means of help. I had never before had my confidence shaken in material methods of healing, educated as I had been to believe that God had placed medicine among His gifts to man through a so-called science. Therefore every material remedy for such a condition was diligently made use of—but proved to be of no avail. The condition speedily grew so severe that there seemed only one thing before me. This very thought of separation from our two little children caused a mental anguish that far exceeded the physical suffering.

At this point, realizing my despair, a dear neighbor and student of Christian Science lovingly placed before my thought so confident an assurance of healing from God through the Christian Science understanding of Him who is ever present Life that I was gladly directed to a practitioner. The help manifested itself at once. I shall never forget the sweet sense of peace and comfort which came to me through her gentle, loving declarations of Truth, which were as a new language to me. Fear and inflammation had been destroyed through spiritual regeneration, and this so uplifted me that I walked home in a new atmosphere. This healing was no doubt instantaneous, although it was three days before all signs of physical error disappeared.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was brought to my attention about...
August 24, 1929

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