Some time ago, at a Wednesday evening meeting, I gave...

Some time ago, at a Wednesday evening meeting, I gave my testimony of healing for the first time. This in itself was a demonstration. For many years the fear of self-expression held me in such abject bondage that the mere thought of it rendered me speechless. There have been many times when I could have helped those in need of encouragement could I have voiced the truth, but always the sense of limitation occasioned by the fear of criticism choked it back. Now that belief is healed, and I am free to give expression to the truth whenever the opportunity arises.

Through the application of Christian Science I have experienced many physical healings, and there has not been one condition, great or small, that has not been met through the power of divine Truth, as taught by our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. From childhood I had suffered from sick headaches. Along with the physical suffering was a belief that the condition was permanently established, through heredity. These headaches have been healed through Christian Science treatment and conscientious study. I have also been healed of the coffee and aspirin habits. Anyone whose daily routine has been governed by these will understand what this freedom means. Glasses, worn for over twelve years, have been discarded. Our home atmosphere has been changed from one of discord to harmonious cooperation; and material self, with all its imagined rights and selfish pleasures, is yielding slowly but surely to the truth, under the calm guidance of the one Mind.

A Psalm—Seeking God's Presence
March 23, 1929

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