"Stretch forth thine hand"

In the third chapter of Mark's Gospel is given an account of Christ Jesus' healing of a withered hand. We read that Jesus said to the afflicted one, "Stretch forth thine hand;" and upon obeying the Master's command, he was immediately healed.

The writer has many times pondered this healing, and wondered why Jesus told the sufferer to do that particular thing, namely, to stretch forth his hand, in order to receive healing. Recently, it was unfolded to her that stretching forth the hand may be regarded as symbolic of reaching out mentally for the truth concerning the problem with which one is confronted.

To receive even a material gift one must necessarily reach out for it; and if the gift is truly desired, the one reaching out for it will make sure that the outstretched hand is empty, in order the more readily to receive the gift. If the hand is already filled, one cannot receive a gift, even if one desires it. Mrs. Eddy tells us in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 130) that we "cannot add to the contents of a vessel already full."

March 23, 1929

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