Christian Science in Business

In what way Christian Science may be made practical in the business world is a question which is often asked by the new student, and it is a question which has a right to be answered; for if the teachings of this beautiful religion were not applicable to every discordant condition which confronts humanity, they surely could not be accepted as applicable to any. To one turning in this direction for help in the midst of some disturbing financial situation, what a blessed relief it is to be told that a sick business has just as much right to be healed as a sick body! Indeed, the modus operandi is practically the same, for Christian Science classifies both as phases of error, the outward result of some sort of wrong thinking from which a mortal may be released through a better understanding of God, and of man's relationship to Him.

This, however, may not at first be entirely clear to the beginner, who may not see that wrong thinking has anything to do with this problem of his, nor that the right understanding of God and man can help him, for instance, to move a stock of goods or to sell a piece of real estate. One thing must, of course, at the very outset be made perfectly clear to him, and that is, that no one may hope or expect to utilize Christian Science merely as a sort of prosperity system, for personal gain or aggrandizement. While it is true that when one turns to Christian Science for enlightenment and relief in any discordant condition, certain spiritual laws become operative in his behalf and eventually bring about activity and success in any line of right endeavor, it is also true that one should not regard it merely as a convenient means for gaining a desired end. One coming to Christian Science stands upon holy ground. His attitude in approaching it should be that of one who has been walking in darkness and now desires to have that darkness cleared away, that mist of wrong thinking which has somehow seemed to arise between him and the realization of his true selfhood as a child of God, of whom the Father saith, "Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine." In proportion as this is done, through his own efforts or those of some loving practitioner, the light of Truth begins to shine upon his pathway and he sees, for the first time perhaps, that his business is not, primarily, to move a stock of goods, or to sell a piece of real estate, but to reflect Life, Truth, and Love in his daily walk and conversation.

The First Step
February 23, 1929

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