Continuity of Demonstration

The writer remembers having a vivid dream of a serious misunderstanding with a valued friend; and in the morning her first drowsy thought was one of intense discomfort at the remembrance of it. Her second waking thought was one of great thankfulness and relief that, after all, there was no misunderstanding, and never had been; for it had been only a dream!

Christian Science has not come to human consciousness merely to heal the sick, although it does heal them after the manner of the Master. It is not here only to reform the sinner, although it does reform sinners as no other system can. It has not come merely to improve and elevate conditions and circumstances, although it does this wonderfully and effectively in proportion to the student's understanding of the truth of being. Christian Science is here to end the dream of life in matter, to awaken us, not to make us more comfortable in matter, not to bring us such ease of circumstance that we say, "It is good for us to be here: and let us make three tabernacles;" or, in other words, Let us live on in this pleasing state of improved living and seeming. Christian Science is here to rouse us to intense earnestness in prayer and dynamic vigor of purpose, which alone will enable us to break the spell of material existence, and to know no pause of effort until we reach the only consciousness that can ever satisfy—awaking with God's likeness.

Unfailing Principle
February 23, 1929

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