Preparation for Blessings

Very important in connection with the system whereby some cities supply their inhabitants with water are the reservoirs, which receive and hold the water after it has been brought from the source. From these the supply flows to the consumer by means of properly placed pipes, which are also important, since there must be proper and adequate channels for conveying the water to the people in the city.

In the third chapter of II Kings it is related that, in defense, three kings with their armies journeyed seven days into the wilderness, "and there was no water." The king of Judah called for "a prophet of the Lord." Elisha came, and in making preparation to receive the blessing said, "Thus saith the Lord, Make this valley full of ditches." He knew that God is the inexhaustible source of good, since He is infinite Love, forever expressing Himself; but he knew also that there must be channels through which the divine blessing can flow. It is recorded that "in the morning,... there came water" and filled all of the channels which Elisha had caused to be prepared. Had there been no ditches dug, the supply could not have been utilized, not because the source was insufficient, but because, obedience, not having allied itself with the power of God in the army's behalf, channels would not have been prepared through which the water could flow.

To make preparation for blessings implies the expectation of receiving; and expectation includes the understanding that God is able and willing to provide all good. This understanding may be gained, and resultant blessings may be received, through the study of Christian Science and compliance with its requirements.

September 8, 1928

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