For more than eighteen years Christian Science has met...

For more than eighteen years Christian Science has met my every need, whatever the nature of the problem, and has been a daily help to me, in showing me how to recognize and overcome the qualities of mortal thought as expressed in resentment, malice, envy, impatience, uncharitableness, and such like.

From my first experience in Christian Science my healing began, and almost without realizing it I found I was being healed of a nervous trouble that I had had since childhood. My entire outlook upon life was changed. I found I was really glad and happy to be alive; whereas, in my former state of thought, said to be due to nervous conditions, I was anything but happy, and in fact sometimes resented the fact, even as did Job, that I had ever been born. Christian Science has given me an "understanding heart" and a reason for the hope that is within me. I had been reared in a Christian atmosphere and attended an orthodox Sunday school all my life, but knew nothing whatever of the spiritual import of the Scriptures; and, consequently, my efforts to interpret the promises of the Bible, based on material reasoning, were valueless, and I had never gained any practical help from my church affiliations. Therefore, after taking up the study of Christian Science and attending the services of the local church reguarly for some time, my one desire was to be found worthy of membership in that church.

I have seen healings of the tobacco habit and the drink habit, the need of glasses, organic difficulties, results of accidents; and in my immediate family we have experienced healings of severe cases of influenza, blood poisoning, double fracture of the wrist, severe colds, and many lesser difficulties. We are deeply grateful for these physical healings, yet we are more grateful for the better understanding which comes with the solution of every problem, the understanding of the true spiritual nature of the universe and man, and their relation to God.

Testimony of Healing
Gratitude prompts me to give the following testimony
September 8, 1928

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